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Ulbrich Lean Manager Stephen Fries: a Virtual Benchmarking Opportunity for LEAN Leaders

Can we agree that it is almost impossible to "do" lean in a vacuum? As a lean practitioner, it is way too hard to build your own strategy without learning from others who do it! During my own lean journey, I would make it a point to visit or host another company each month. You learn 2 things very quickly: all is not lost and there are things we can do better. Without the benchmarking, we tend to convince ourselves that we are struggling with our implementation.

My interview with Stephen Fries of Ulbrich Steel can serve as one of these benchmarking visits for all of you lean leaders out there!

Some things to consider as you join us:

Is this how we should all manage?

How do we help people develop their problem solving skills while solving real problems?

How do we help people cut through busy?

How do we help people access the support functions they need to do improvements/problem solving?

How do we sustain 60 active improvements at all times with ~200 people-where those 60 will be closed and replaced on the board in 2 or 3 weeks on average?

How do we approach the ideal of the learning organization?

How does Stephen maintain a very steep learning curve....learning then teaching?

How challenging is humble inquiry?

How do we make Training Within Industry our own?

How do we sustain and improve during the current pandemic?

How do we create an entire population of lean leaders?

What is Stephen's approach to integrating technology ("the 4th Industrial Revolution)?

Creating an Ulbrich "Lean On-Demand Channel" for all employees.

At the end of this, you just might hear yourself muttering, "man I love this guy!" Enjoy!!!

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