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Todd Renz: Lean Construction and Leading with Humility

Leading a successful, well respected Construction Business, especially in New England, requires a steady hand. It is an incredibly tough business. I have been fortunate enough to have spent over 20 years of my life in "the business", My customers were over 900 epoxy flooring contractors from all over the country. The fine line between winning and losing is razor thin. Tons of variables and lots of moving parts. At times it feels like herding cats. And that was just one small component of a construction project......floors. F. Todd Renz and O,R & L Construction (Branford, CT) run the whole project-from design to turning the keys over to the owner and cutting the ribbon. For 30 years. Click on the link to their website to see some of the high visibility projects in their portfolio.

Imagine all of the moving parts that have to be coordinated on a huge project. Imagine the number of people on and off the job site. Imagine not having an OSHA record-able injury in over 4 years.

I had a chance to sit down for some Q&A with Todd. I think you'll see #leadwithhumility and most definitely a steady hand.

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