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Stop and Smell the Tulips!

This story starts last October right before the frost. The Fall is a very busy time for me. I see my clients Monday through Thursday, teach at CCSU one class and Gateway Community College one class. I help my wife with her FROYO shop, and referee college football. Travel on Friday to a game site, work the game Saturday afternoon or evening, get home late Saturday or Sunday morning. At least two football meetings weeknights.

So I have a flower bed on the side of my garage reserved for annuals. Plant, weed, MIracle Gro, water, repeat. Thought it would be a good idea to buy some tulips to put in this bed-30 bulbs. With the frost coming, and Billy being on automatic pilot because of the busy time, I ended up planting the bulbs right before the frost at 10:30 pm by flood light.

Fast forward to this week. I make special trips to the side of my garage just to look at these things that quite frankly, I forgot I planted!!! To say they put a smile on my face is an understatement. These 30 tulips are simply doing what tulips do. When the soil got warm enough, up they come. They're completely oblivious to all the worries and uncertainty! Not one of them tweets anything, goes on Snapface or watches the news. They're oblivious to the fact we're in the midst of a pandemic. They have one job. Make Billy happy.

I wonder if I would even notice them or appreciate them as much as I do if I was in Spring autopilot mode? Don't get me wrong, lots of things seem to make me happy & appreciative these days. My college kid who is learning from home, every virtual meeting with my family and friends ( I include my clients in this group), the fact I can spend 24 hours per day with my 12 year old German Shepard, Tessie.

I am so hopeful that through all of the agita, you are stopping to smell the roses, I mean tulips!

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