• Bill Greider

How I'm Spending My Quarantine-Week 2 "Here's Johnny!!"

How many of you either checked in with someone over the last week or got checked in on?

Last week I suggested that the sport of A3 is taking people on a trip to "the top of Maslow's pyramid (creativity, problem solving, spontaneity, etc.) To review, after food, air, and shelter (and I guess toilet paper) are taken care of, we strive for safety and security (I guess that's why guns and ammo sales are up?). Once we have that covered, we strive for "belonging-ness" (family, friends, co-workers, etc.).

Thank goodness that the "belonging-ness" is considered in Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, because if you really think about it, success in our business (and in life) DEPENDS on the quality of our relationships. It's as simple as that. Think about it, if I have a very strong relationships with my employees or co-workers and their families, with my customers, with my suppliers with my community and in many cases with our competitors, business is probably booming and we will prosper and grow. Our success is based on the quality of our relationships. The quality of our widgets we make come second.

Our short-term challenge is to work hard to make sure "social distancing six feet apart" doesn't become "out of sight out of mind". How do we "check in or get checked in on?"

One way is to do a little bit of learning together. When I developed my "corporate university" a dozen or more years ago (here is an article from Plant Engineering Magazine, one unexpected benefit was smiles! People from different departments were learning and thinking together. Learning is hard work, but collective learning is hard work and fun!

The learning started for me last week (how to use Blackboard and Webex to teach my college students who were all sent home.) This week, it's go time. Virtual meetings every day this week. Not ready to sell my car yet, but hopefully we are all getting more and more comfortable. Next week, in addition to regularly scheduled meetings, I will kick off P4U, an opportunity to learn together for 30 or 40 minutes. Think of it as checking in or getting checked in on. Just drop me an e-mail and say "I'm in" and bingo you're registered.

Here's hoping you're not feeling like Jack Torrance (Nicholson) from The Shining. Nothing like some good old fashioned belonging-ness to fix that!!

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